About Lingxi

Lingxi is a software-as-a-service dedicated to empowering non-profit organizations in China with digital capabilities. Since its founding in 2012, Lingxi has been driven by a strong social mission – to build a future where everyone can bring about a positive impact to the world.

Currently, over 65,000 non-profits in China are using Lingxi to engage communities, raise funds, mobilize supporters and make their voices heard. At the same time, Lingxi also provides online and offline trainings and consultancy services to non-profits to help them build a data-driven environment to better raise funds and manage projects.

Our Vision
To build a future where everyone can bring about a positive impact to the world
What We Do

111.png  Lingxi360

Lingxi (www.dlv4x.cn) is a software-as-a-service that helps non-profit organizations build strong relationships with all their stakeholders, including donors, volunteers and beneficiaries. Much more than a database, Lingxi's five key functions – online form builder, fundraising page generator, email marketing toolkit, SMS portal, and data visualization canvas – help organizations increase productivity and create data-powered systems.

222.png   Training


While few trainings for non-profit organizations in China revolve around using technology, the Lingxi team fills the gap with what we do best – harnessing the power of new media and data to make positive impact. We have three main categories of training – social media, data analysis and service design. Over 4,000 people working in the social impact sphere across China have participated in our trainings.

333.png  Consultancy


Our professional team also provide consultancy services to large to enterprise-level nonprofits in China. Our clients include One Foundation, Project Hope and many other impactful organizations. We help them identify the most challenging issues in their information technology system and design affordable solutions accordingly.

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